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[CQ-Contest] Contesting from the basement

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contesting from the basement
From: k4ja@crosslink.net (K4JA Paul)
Date: Wed Jul 23 16:17:00 2003
Hello All

Some really good thoughts out there already.  I have done it three time and each
one is a little better.

Walls: Sheet Rock and Drop ceiling tiles, I also insulate wall and ceiling for
sound deadening.

Lighting: I use Fluorescent lighting for setup and general use.  However for
operating I prefer bouncing light off the ceiling tiles.  This give nice soft

Wiring: I have done several things about wiring the station over the years but
finally went to a wire closesit with 2" X 8" slots to pass cables through at
each operation position.  I even put almost all the 120V and 240V outlets in the
wiring closesit.  Should you deside to disconnenct it sure is easy.  I have one
240V and 8 120V outlets at each position all in the wiring closesit. I don't
always use them all but find use for probably 6 pretty easy.  I put ethernet in
the wall and used shielded cable for what it is worth. I ground through the
concrete, in my case I CAD welded them together as the house was built.

I use indoor/outdoor capeting, but it is a pain if you drop something small.  I
seach it out with a bringht light.

73 Paul


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