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[CQ-Contest] NEVER in the bedroom!

Subject: [CQ-Contest] NEVER in the bedroom!
From: k3ft@erols.com (Chuck)
Date: Thu Jul 24 21:54:23 2003
Unless you are single AND don't mind waking up to the continually evident
clutter. No matter HOW much you try, there will be SOMETHING
unkempt/cluttered/strewn about.

Usually the bedroom is amidst other people's bedrooms who don't share OUR
love of radio at 0300 local, the sounds of heterodynes and squeals (ours of
joy OR those of QRM on the frequency) as well as the BUMP/CRASH ((*&*^^&^
expletive deleted) as we knock things over.

I learned the hard way. Radio room in a separate area NOT in easy earshot of
those who don't appreciate the joys of contesting (or SSB) for that matter.
CW just makes nice soft clicks and they never hear that.

Chuck K3FT

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