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RE: [CQ-Contest] Physical conditioning and contesting

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Subject: RE: [CQ-Contest] Physical conditioning and contesting
From: "Richard DiDonna NN3W" <NN3W@prodigy.net>
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2004 10:12:25 -0500
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Don't get into constitutional issues.  Those are 
protections against state/governmental entities.  A 
HOA is not a governmental entity and the 
constitutional argument is not going to work.

As to antennas, consider wire verticals tossed into 
trees.  I've developed at least one for my back yard 
(tossed into a 45 foot maple) and it works pretty 
well.  I would guess better than a dipole thats hidden 
away in an attic.

Rich NN3W.

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From: "Bob Wanderer" <aa0cy@QUADNET.NET>
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Subject: RE: [CQ-Contest] Physical conditioning and 

>I think HOAs are required to allow external TV 
antennas and
>Ku-sized satellite dishes, whether they want to or 
not, by
>FCC edict.  I know for sure the FCC forced them to 
>Ku-sized dishes.
>A friend in northern Virginia lives in a HOA-
>townhouse where, specifically in the CC&Rs, ham 
>(including attic-mounted), are specifically 
prohibited.  The
>house nazis come around periodically to check that 
>house is painted properly, that grass is cut, that 
>tagged cars are in the parking lot, and etc.  I don't
>believe, however, that they come into the house to 
>things (obviously, some notice must be given--it IS 
>domicile).  I think that if you follow all the logical
>things (i.e. low-pass filter, etc.), you might be 
able to
>get away with an attic dipole.  Another acquaintance 
>northern NJ lives with a HOA that regulates house 
>what type of vehicle can be parked in the streets and
>driveways, how long the garage door can remain 
opened, etc.
>What a way to live!
>IMHO, HOAs are unconstitutional as they violate due 
>and probably other issues.  Until we ham radio 
operators as
>a group organize our own lobbyist [yes, the ARRL has a
>representative there but I don't think it's a lobby, 
per se]
>and the American people overall speak out, 
illegalities and
>inequities such as this will continue.
>While it is true that no one forces you to live in 
such a
>controlled environment, the fact is that most 
>properties (read good schools, near work and 
shopping, etc.)
>are HOA-controlled to some extent.
>When I lived in northern NJ, in a "regular" 
community, the
>neighborhood Grundy called a meeting to push for some 
>of HOA.  When I pointed out that, sure, you can then 
gig me
>for my grass being 1/2" too tall but then I'll call 
>police the minute your teenager's party is noisy past 
10 PM
>(and noisy is subjective).  If you have a problem, 
come to
>me and we will try to work it out, but "gigging" will 
>lead to "war."  The community decided against an
>Bob AA0CY
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>Subject: RE: [CQ-Contest] Physical conditioning and
>Bob, AA0CY wrote:
> > An HOA with restrictions may not be fooled by a 
> > claiming a 3L 20M Yagi is your television antenna 
> > you use twin lead and hook it up to your 
television when
> > on the air), but a log periodic would have a better
> > since it looks like the typical television antenna 
> > for size.
>Very good observation.  For those with HOA's that do 
>allow for *any*
>type of external TV antenna, an attic mini-beam might 
be the
>if a wire one with traps?
>Rick, K6VVA
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