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Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005 11:47:50 -0600
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The report on the 1976 ARRL CW DX Competition, in October 1976 QST, said:

"... Noon in Maryland is 9 A.M. in Washington State. It's raining, naturally. 
One graduate student's mind is not on his first class of the day, but rather on 
the last, and how he can avoid it. Only three weeks into the winter term and at 
probably the most propitious time for mysteriously missing a session, our 
college person returns to his apartment, packs headphones and a fresh supply of 
contest log sheets, makes a cardboard sign reading "College Student to Tacoma" 
and heads for the highway. 

"He hasn't seen the station he will operate in the DX 'Test since last 
November, hasn't operated on the ham bands since Christmas, but he knows the 
station as if he had built it himself. Four straight weekends on top of three 
towers (not all at once!) will do that. 

"The only questions in his mind are how much antenna repair work will be 
necessary between noon and contest time and how much will that antenna work 
subtract from the margin of endurance he has spent the past month building up."

The college student was, of course, Chip Margelli, K7VPF (K7JA) and the station 
was W7RM, that of Rush Drake.

R.I.P., Rush.

Jim Cain, ex-WA1STN
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