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Re: [CQ-Contest] 2005 Dayton Forum Wrap Up

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] 2005 Dayton Forum Wrap Up
From: "Bob Naumann" <n5nj@gte.net>
Date: Thu, 09 Jun 2005 06:08:44 -0500
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Just a couple of observations: 

> >The new venue for the Antenna forum and the Contest forum at the Crowne
Plaza on Saturday afternoon was a major hit. K1DG and K3LR are not certain
which location will be used next year (HARA or the hotel).

Given the demographic that more of us represent these days, the hotel is a
much better facility.  

For me, it was great to go out to Hara all morning Saturday, at about 11 AM
head back to the hotel, and be comfortable, rested, and relaxed for the rest
of the day.

> The remote location also made it hard for us working a booth to drop into
the forums.

Yes, that is a drawback for those who have to work at the Hamvention.

> It also makes the vendors/exhibitors unhappy in that it makes participants
in the Antenna/Contest and potentially DX forums less likely to spend time
at their booth.  Taking a large number of the most active, most likely to
buy attendees away from HARA makes Hamvention much less valuable to the "big
ticket" vendors. <

I've heard this sentiment from several vendors both during Hamvention and
now after.  

I'm sorry, this is just not valid.  There is all day Friday, Saturday
morning, and Sunday for these "most likely to buy" customers to spend their
money.  If someone really wants to buy something while they're in Dayton,
they'll visit that vendor before or after the forums.  What about the 20k to
24k others at the Hamvention?  Don't they spend money?  Are ~600 contesters
and DXers the only reason for certain vendors to go to Dayton?

I think WX0B got it right.  He sponsored the Super Suite where he demo'ed
his new cool product (wattmeter) and provided door prizes for the contest
dinner.  He courted his target audience where they were.  Perhaps there's
room for more sponsorship (sharing the cost) of the super suite?  I think it
would be cool if the big room (or another adjacent room) was lined with
equipment demos.


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