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Re: [CQ-Contest] Dayton and the forum issues

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Dayton and the forum issues
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 08:06:02 -0000
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Lets take a step back in history. At one time there was a West Coast hamfest 
held in Las Vegas, it was called SAROC. You talk about politics, whiners, and 
complainers it had them all. I was an exhibitor at the last SAROC, in the 70's, 
and I was also an exhibitor that same year at Dayton. Dayton is still alive and 
reasonably healthy while SAROC is long gone dead and buried.
My point being the whiners and complainers and rumor mongers ruined SAROC. 
Instead of being positive and helpful the whiners and complainers and rumor 
mongers got on their various soapboxes demanding a boycott  and killed the 
It sounds like Dayton needs a little tweaking to fix things not a bunch of 
threats or a bunch of criticism. From almost every report, I hear, Visalia 
doesn't need any help.
Suggesting boycotting is what killed SAROC and boycotting will kill Dayton. If 
you have suggestions for improving Dayton or Visalia why not contact them 
directly and make your ideas known. Keep in mind most-likely Dayton was around 
before you were a ham, so start out small and with respect.

MAL              N7MAL

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  >What kind of national trade show (and that's what Dayton is, a full
  >blown national trade show for amateur radio) blows the organization of
  >the event to the point where forums of strong interest to the community
  >involved have to be moved to an off-site hotel ballroom to accomodate
  >the necessary crowd?  That's absolutely pathetic.

  The location of a national convention is seldom driven by those
  attending - it's almost exclusively driven by two things:

  1) The politics of the organizers
  2) The best deal that can be had within the realm of #1.

  I can provide several examples:

  Interop - now N+I.  It was Santa Clara, then San Jose,
  then San Franscisco, now permanently in Las Vegas.  It
  moved to those locations because that's the best deal
  the owner of Interop could get.

  NAB show is in Vegas for the same reason.

  COMDEX - now defunct, was there for the same reason.


  International DX Convention in Visalia - totally politics!

  The best way to fix the Dayton location is to change or
  influence the politics of the organizers. Well, another
  alternative is to organize a better one.

  Is there support in the contesting community for it's own show?
  (AKA, if all us contestors boycott Dayton and Visalia, and tell
  the vendors we are doing such, can we get support for our own
  show?). :-) - 1/2.

  Overflow is extremely common in trade-shows.

  73, de -KR- N6RCE
  CU in the 40th running of the Calif QSO Party - Oct 1-2

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