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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Visalia
From: "Kevin J. Rowett" <krowett@rowett.org>
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 22:29:40 -0700
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I didn't say Visalia wasn't a great convention.  I said it needed help.
It's way overflowed the capacity of the Holiday Inn. It should be held in a 
venue that
can support the crowds.  Sounds a lot like what we are saying about Dayton - 
a new venue.
For the record - I enjoy attending Visalia and will continue to attend.  I 
don't get a lot
of free time from work - every year I wonder why I spend the five hours driving
thru the central valley of California.  At the end of the convention, I always 
some reason that makes me glad that I did.
This year, that reason was the beaming smiles on faces as I handed them their
CQP award; the opportunity to meet folks that I'd worked during CQP; got to 
their plans for CQP in 2005; what they liked about the contest; and what other
contesting they did.  This year, I got to shake the hand of someone I've worked
several times, emailed with, and bought equipment from, but, never met "eyeball
to eyeball".
Jim - I haven't been to the Visalia convention as faithfully as you.  However, 
I believe
it's only been in Fresno ONCE.  Am I correct?
MAL - I'm sorry you can't make it to Visalia - you'd enjoy it.
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Even though Jim needs no help from me I totally second and am in total 
agreement. N6RCE said:""International DX Convention in
Visalia - totally politics!"". I would like to know what he is referring to. I 
am unable to attend functions any longer but have
chatted with many guys on the air since Visalia and no one, not one guy, has 
had anything bad to say. I chatted briefly with Don,
VK3DZ(ed)M,(now SK), and have heard Martti, and others, on the air. These guys 
are/were prominent DX'ers who traveled 1/2 way around
the world to attend Visalia. I heard no complaints, only compliments.
If you are looking for good socializing, really good BS'ing, 807's, and thrown 
in for good measure some ham-radio activities then
Visalia is for you. 
If you are looking for the skies to open and give you some sort-of Imperial 
revelation then Visalia, Dayton, or any gathering of
hams probably will never satisfy you. Visalia and Dayton provide everything for 
a really good weekend of ham-radio fun. You have 2
choices: You can make the best of it and have a really good weekend or you can 
'knit-pick' and have a lousy weekend.
I prefer to make the best of it, and have in the past.
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