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Re: [CQ-Contest] 2005 Dayton Forum Wrap Up

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] 2005 Dayton Forum Wrap Up
From: "Joe Subich, K4IK" <k4ik@subich.com>
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 21:21:36 -0400
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N5NJ writes: 

> Well, what you describe is entirely a different hypothetical 
> than what we have in Dayton.  I was speaking of contesters 
> only, and only at one hotel - the Dayton Crowne Plaza.  Let's 
> face it, the Crowne Plaza could be considered "Hamvention PM" 
> from the DX and Contester perspectives.  Nearly everyone who 
> goes to Dayton from those two broadly intersecting groups 
> ends up at the Crowne plaza at some time during those 3 
> evenings.  Going there is as much a part of going to Dayton 
> as going to Hara.
> Getting back to reality, only two forums (antenna and 
> contest) have been held at the Crowne Plaza thus far.  I 
> would wager that the DX boys are going to think hard about 
> going to the Crowne Plaza on Friday afternoon for their 
> forum, which would be followed by the DX dinner in the same 
> venue.  I'm sure they have heard how nice it was for the 
> contesters on Saturday.

Until this year there had never been forums operating independently 
downtown.  How long do you think it will be before AMSAT, the 
RTTY folks, or the VHF/UHF weak signal folks decide they might 
want larger, quieter, more comfortable facilities and the ability 
to run a longer forum or multiple sessions?  You postulated one 
scenario yourself with the DX forum moving to Crowne Plaza on 
Friday afternoon (though I would bet on Saturday morning). 

> Now, as far as small manufacturers that appeal to a broad 
> audience, they certainly would want to devote their time and 
> energy to staying at the arena for the 20k+ general 
> population and not doing anything at the hotel.
> What I'm talking about is the ability to directly deliver 
> your message to your target audience.  If someone is selling 
> a contest  gizmo, they should show it off at the super suite 
> at the Crowne Plaza on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night 
> ala WX0B this year.  

Some of the exhibitors might well choose to do targeted evening 
events ... I would certainly do so.  However, it all becomes 
moot if the audience becomes fragmented and many "specialists" 
do not even bother to buy a Hamvention ticket and come out to 

If the DX, Antenna and Contest forums were scheduled one after 
the other at Crowne Plaza on Saturday ... or DX on Friday 
morning, Antennas Friday afternoon, Contest Saturday morning 
and Contest University Saturday afternoon, ... I would find it 
difficult to justify the trip to Hara.   


   ... Joe, K4IK 

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