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From: "Ted Bryant" <w4nz@comcast.net>
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 23:01:54 -0400
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Normally I stay out of these topics but there is an irony here that I just 
cannot pass up.  On
another reflector there is a huge discussion raging about the "dumbing down" of 
our hobby. Here, I
find people moaning and groaning about the "complexity" of setting up an LotW 
account. Sheesh!!

You can sure tell when the bands are punked and there are no contests!!

73, Ted W4NZ

Antennas on Tennessee - September 11 - The Tennessee QSO party

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|Bill  Turner wrote:
|>The moaning and groaning is right on. LoTW is far too  complex for the level
|>of security needed. I can log into my bank  account with only a user name
|>and password and do financial  transactions in perfect security. No
|>"certificates", no "signing" of  transactions, no .TQ8 files, no .p12 files,
|>no yearly renewal, etc,  etc.
|>Each of us should put pressure on our ARRL director to fix  it. LoTW should
|>be a source of pride to the ARRL, not a source of  endless complaints.
|>Bill, W6WRT
|>LoTW user since  day one... that's how I know.
|Wow.."too complex"?? Are you kidding? I am one of the most computer
|illiterate people you will ever meet, & have found it VERY easy to navigate.  
|everything else, it takes a little effort to READ about how it works.
|Look, all you need to do, is, 1) get the certificate, 2) transfer your  ADIF
|files from your normal logging software to the tq8, then either email or
|upload the tq8 files. How much easier can it get?? Kudos to the folks who run
|LOTW, it is a great program.
|73-Chuck KI9A
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