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Re: [CQ-Contest] TQP vs CQ RTTY

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] TQP vs CQ RTTY
From: Mike Fatchett W0MU <w0mu@w0mu.com>
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2007 21:01:44 -0600
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Someone would have to show me a correlation between no code licenses ruining
the hobby and "those" people causing the problem.  I don't think no code
licensees have anything to do with the mess on 14.275 etc.  Lets not blame
them for all the woes that have going on for years.

My son who is 12 just got his tech license.  Guess what he likes?  Stuff
hooked up to computers.  He is working on his general and likes to see stuff
printed on the screen.  He is the future of the hobby.  He has expressed
zero interest in learning code.  He thinks RTTY and PSK is pretty cool.  He
likes designing web sites, computer games etc.

RTTY is a perfect fit for SO2R.  When things are going good it is a lot of
fun.  You do have to learn to time your calls in pileups.  There is a skill
set that must be learned.  You have the same issues working stations in
pileups on 160 or any band with RTTY as you do on ssb and cw.  I bet there
will be a time very soon where code readers are deployed as standard
features in logging programs.

RTTY contesting is the same as other contests.  Work as many
stations/mults/points etc.  Why does the mode make a difference?

As for emergency operations.  Check out PSK.  You can transmit data with
very low output power.  Programs have been developed making meteor scatter
contacts commonplace and making it much easier to work moon bounce with much
smaller stations.  Most EOC centers are working in digital modes. The Gov't
is moving to digital systems and backbones for data and voice.  This
requires computer and software knowledge.

In a real emergency how much cw is actually used?  Not much.....

People could argue there are way too many contests period, regardless of
mode.  I think it is a stretch to say that 40m RTTY ruined a contest.  What
was stopping folks from moving down?  Nothing.  People are creatures of
habit.  The rules say the suggested range is x....well is X is busy make it
happen somewhere else.  We all have big knobs on radios  I bet most folks
would tune around and find the contest activity if they were that into the

As a volunteer Fireman, I can assure you that my SSB contesting skills are
very beneficial when dealing with wild fires and other emergencies.  We have
many agencies responding and an immense amount of traffic that needs to be
dealt with.  Most of the other firefighters find this traffic maddening.  I
find it very much like contesting.  This is excellent training for Incident
commanders.  Many Fire Departments are going digital with GPS units in their
engines, hand helds etc.  Messages are being passed via messaging not voice.

No contest owns the frequency range for a weekend the frequencies are to be
used by all.  In the US CW has free reign over the spectrum.  SSB, SSTV,
RTTY do not.  

The goal should be to work together to find a place for everyone to do their
thing and utilize the frequencies that we have been given so we don't lose
them.  Hopefully, the TQP organizers will look into what can be done on 40m.
Maybe some sunspots will make this issue go away?

How about we all become a bit more tolerant of each other?  What you like
may not be what I like but we both are Amateurs and I sure hope we can both
enjoy the hobby.

Mike W0MU


On 10/2/07 7:29 PM, "ku8e" <ku8e@bellsouth.net> wrote:

> W4TV wrote : 
> These are major international RTTY contests and activity will spread
> as needed to find room and avoid other contest QRM.  RTTY contest
> activity has probably increased by at least ten fold in the last
> ten years.  What new blood there is in contesting is much more
> familiar with computers than CW and the trend will only continue
> to accelerate. 
>    I sure hope this trend reverses. It just shows how getting rid of the CW
> requirement and making it easier to get an amateur license has ruined our
> hobby. It's not surprising that modes like RTTY, that require minimal
> operating skills are growing.
> Maybe one of you diehard RTTY guys can explain to me what drives you to even
> want to operate a RTTY contest? I tried it once and I was bored out of my mind
> after about an hour. At least on CW or SSB you have to use your human sensory
> skills to copy a signal and pull out a callsign. Do you get that same "rush"
> and feeling of accomplishment with RTTY that you get after working that first
> ever EU station on 160 meter CW thru the static and a big pileup? On RTTY the
> computer does everything for you. I see no thrill from that. It almost sounds
> like doing a CW contest with a code reader.
>  I agree with K8MR that there are too many RTTY contests that occur just about
> every weekend with the "everyone works everyone" format. Many of these RTTY
> contests ruin some established CW contests that have been around just as long.
> At least the State QSO parties are interesting - chasing mobiles around as
> they move from county to county is fun  Let's just hope someone doesn't make
> it easier to get on SSTV (like they have for RTTY) and they start having SSTV
> contests !!!
> Ask youself this question... Why do we contest ? (besides to satisfy our egos)
> For years the official line has been to improve our operating skills so we are
> prepared during an emergency to provide communications when all else fails. I
> guess I just don't see where RTTY would fit in during a real emergency.
> Jeff  KU8E
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