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Re: [CQ-Contest] Why Are European Contesters Younger?

To: ly8o@ot.lt
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Why Are European Contesters Younger?
From: Saulius Zalnerauskas <ly5w.sam@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2009 14:29:44 +0300
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Absoluteely agree with Remi,

I got my first license (UP2BIM) in 1981 May 7, at age 13 and 6 months! I got
FIRST Class licensee, because in my young age I had two times won Lithuanian
QRQ Champiochips as junior and one time in man class silever medal (age
11!!!). Maybe some of You remember my father - famous contrustor and many
contests winner Vladas UP2NV (later LY2NV but very little QRV as LY).
RIP - my teacher!
In those years I was young man just come back from soviet army in Riga
(latvia) where I was as sport- batallion like sportsman and Latvian (YL) QRQ
Team member. I got my first work in "DOSAAF" Kaunas Radio Technical School
as Colective Station Schief and QSL Bureau manager., also few hours each day
CW lessons to young people.
I got my first SWL call-sign in 1976, and first QSO was in December 1976.

Those years (1976-1990) we were in Soviet Ocupation, and were big problem's
to get any radio-parts, tubes, other things (tower's, etc...) But having
this work - You also had good time to get many friends who needed it.

I remeber how many young boys and girls after lessons in school were coming
to another lessons of CW! Now I can't see any interests of young people in
learning Morse Code, or HF/VHF/Contests/DXing,.... They have internet,
mobile phone's and no need those crazy things as we like:-))

73, "Sam" Saulius LY5W
LY600W, LY70W, LY755W and club station's UK2BCR, UK2PAP, UP1BWC, UP1BZA,
and till 31 August LY20W (see qrz.com for details)
Over 1 million QSO's on the air!

On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 1:26 PM, LY8O <> wrote:

> Felipe,
> Well, not so sure I could explain it absolutely correct, but by my opinion
> there could be some historical reasons:
> 1. Remember, that at older times Eastern Europe was under Communism
> preasure.
> 2. Amateur radio at that times was the only way to communicate with the
> rest of the world for many of us (no internet; to call abroad by phone you
> must order this possibility in advance). Especialy for yong people (my first
> QSO was when I was a bit over 14 years old, say 29 years and 8 month ago,
> wow...) with so many restrictions to go abroad including the excursions to
> "socialist countries"...
> 3. This Amateur Radio, especialy contesting, was named as
> Technical-Military Sport (remember the time!!!) and was sponsored by
> Goverment. Depending on your or club station results you can expect for
> something better (equipment, parts, sometimes some monney dotations and so
> on). And people "fighted" for that "better future"...
> 4. To become an Amateur Radio operator you must know Morse code.
> 5. Special classes and courses for young interesants - all was payed by
> Goverment.
> 6. As the result from all above - higher activity from Eastern Europe, more
> oldtimers still playing this game.
> That is IMHO... Could be something else...
> But we have also a big problem with "young blood" as everyone. This year
> perhaps could be one of the best in the couple of last years history in LY -
> some number of CB people decided to join Amateur Radio, passes the tests and
> already got the Calls. And those people are 20 - 30 years old. And some more
> people from CB are thinking about Amateur Radio.. Looks like there is some
> more "clay" to expand Amateur Radio Society :) Will see :)
> 73, Remi LY8O
> *** Felipe NP4Z wrote: ***
> >But also I have the impression that Eastern europe shows a little more
> >participation than western europe is that so? What could be the reason?
> >
> >Regards,
> >
> >Felipe
> >np4z
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