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Re: [CQ-Contest] Why Are European Contesters Younger?

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Why Are European Contesters Younger?
From: "Felipe J Hernandez" <fhdez@islandnetjm.com>
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2009 23:33:26 -0400
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Remi, Igor and Zoli

Yes, its good to remember those days.. It makes me think that 
perhaps we are giving more weight to the playstations , Internet and other 
"sources of distractions" than we have to.

Maybe older Amateurs like us decided we where too tired to get envolved more 
the aspiring amateur community. could it be mostly our fault? Not sure, but I 
our amateur mentors being very enthusiastic about teaching us Cw and Dxing. How 
much of the same have we done?

In fact It wasnt much about contesting in the early days, It was more of 
building antennas and dx ing and rig building and showing off qsl cards. all 
mostly related to pure operating.

I was talking to a close Amateur friend the other day and he mentioned that for 
him the competitivity of the sport and field work/antenna  where his main 
factors to continue as an amateur, and I spoke to some of the young guys 
(already hams) that showed up on an activity and believe it or not  they said 
that they where a little scared of using  ssb and cw and they took these 
chances to learn more from the OM's.

Us guys, that we were exposed to Ham radio and had a club station around to 
play and listen, we were never afraid, we just wanted to operate and I believe 
that having mentors and experienced operators around really helped us to 
understand the hobby better and loose that fear.

I would love to hear how has been the experience for USA operators/club houses, 
we can nail a trend or focus more our energy towards finding a solution.

As of what to do, looks inevitable to look back at the roots of our hobby and 
make operating the key, as far as the new technology, its very easy to 
computers to our hobby and entice more youngers than ever..

 Find a location organize weekly meetings, teach morse code, contesting basics 
and  prepare some activities with a radio to play with, fuel it with 
competition and  im sure it will make a big difference. 


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  You are right - club stations or "clubhouses" were very important. I have had 
started in the club station - UK2BBB, hope oldtimers can remember this call. We 
were perhaps 5 youngsters in the team and we have had a superb chance to grow 
up and to learn a lot from well none operators. And there were much more well 
known club stations from Lithuania - UK2BAS, UK2PAF, UK2PRC, UK2PCR, UK2BBE for 
example. So what do we have today? In real life - only one M/M club station so 
far in Lithuania LY7A ex UK2PCR (my respect for they live effort) and time to 
time cooperation of high skilled hams for M/S or M/2 attempts (LY9Y+LY7Z and 
LY6A+LY9A) and one at the Youngsters Creation Palace (not so sure do I have 
named it right...) LY3MR, but we need to rebuild it to become it allive. And 
perhaps one or two more.... That is because of historical changes, because of 
licensing rules changes, because of country law changes. Simply we have no real 
places for youngsters to start or for some skilled
   amateurs to cooperate... That could be one of the problems why Amateur Radio 
Society getting older and older.
  We have some contests for youngsters (with skilled persones in other 
catogories) but we need more places to invite young operators. I think there 
could be some special categories in bigger or biggest contest to let youngsters 
to compete inbetween and to grow up. It could be based on age or license "age" 
or better on both... 
  I think I can say YES, I see a relationship between clubhouses and amateur 
population. And we must to do something, but what???

  73, Remi LY8O

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  Nuo: Felipe J Hernandez 
  > Remi,
  > Thats what I imagined, I remember well those days, got my ham license 
  > also  29 yrs ago and now 44 yrs young..I remember well the soviet union's 
  > calls and great activity from those days.
  > I think we are struggling everywhere with Ham population, but somehow 
  > still comes to my mind that "clubhouses" were important to attract people 
  > like in the old days.
  > I think that possible hams can have a broader idea of the hobby and 
  > find common interests with others that can entice them to look deeper 
  > into the hobby when they congregate.
  > Have the number of club stations on your country diminished?
  > Do you see a relationship between that and amateur population?
  > I would like to hear from other amateurs if they see a relationship 
  > between clubhouses and amateur population.
  > Regards,
  > Felipe
  > Np4Z

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