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From: "JIM NEIGER" <n6tj@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2014 17:09:56 -0700
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Perhaps it could be as I encountered in my four DXpeditions to Canton Island in 1971-72.

I operated from Canton Island (now Kirabati - Tango 31, I believe). Canton, (and its larger island group - the Phoenix Islands) was CLAIMED by both the U.S.A and U.K. I held two licenses - KB6DA for the USA and VRIW for the British claim. I operated both calls from the same shack, same radio etc - and both were recognized by the ARRL (DXCC) and CQ WW. (Try simultaneously running two pileups, two logbooks from the same shack - each pileup looking for a different DXCC !!)

For the 1971 CQ WW CW, I chose my primary country to be British Phoenix and signed VR1W. But, I also made about fifty contest QSO from American Phoenix (KB6DA) which the CQ Contest Director W1WY wrote in the CQ CW results "that me taking the time to go over to this different island, probably cost me No. 1 world". I apologize to those who might not know U.S. New York Yankees baseball - but as Casey Stengal might say "you can look it up".

So let the populace of Crimea use their Ukranian license ( and call) and have CQ WW count it - OR use their Russian license and call, and send it in as a check log?? Or make a brief CQ WW QSY to another DXCC for the weekend so that their preparations are not for naught??

For me, now, I will choose to operate from slightly more stable entities this month and next. Please listen for me next weekend from KH6LC on the Big Island (stable as Hurricane Ana and the nearby Kilauea Volcano may allow) and next month from 9Y4W - always sunny and beautiful Tobago - for CQ CW.

Vy 73

Jim Neiger N6TJ (Still crazy after all these years and so happy to still be around to participate in such a wonderful hobby and contest)

-----Original Message----- From: Herbert Schoenbohm
Sent: Saturday, October 18, 2014 2:16 PM
To: cq-contest@contesting.com
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] CQ WW SSB

There are many examples of how a unilateral claim does not a country
make.  Haiti claims Navassa KP1 as its own territory, Dominica has
claimed Aves Island YV0 as its own, and what a mess we have now in the
South China Sea.  Tromelin is claimed by three countries and the Caprivi
Strip by four.  Geyser Reef is claimed by three countries and the list
goes on and on especially in border regions.  The problem with contest
groups start to needlessly weigh in favor of one country over another.
Alexander Pope said it best in 1709 when he wrote "Fools rush in where
angels fear to tread."

Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ

On 10/18/2014 1:39 PM, Martin Monsalvo wrote:
Certainly CQ cannot make Crimea Ukraine, becase it ALREADY is Ukraine!
Only Russia claims Crimea as part of its own territory.
I'm glad CQ doesn't endorse that position.
It is fully alligned with what the international community thinks about
this terrible situation.
You guys seem to be asking CQ to support Russia's illegal occupation of
Ukraine, why should CQ do that?

Martin, LU5DX
El 18/10/2014 13:56, "Andy Melanin" <ua3dpx@mail.ru> escribió:

Martin You did not catch the sense, they are Russian citizens now, they
have Russian passports, they have Russian calls and they can not use
Ukranian calls any more. You think that the CQ can make Crimea Ukrain? I
think NO!
73! Andy UA3DPX/RM3F

Отправлено с iPad

18 окт. 2014 г., в 20:34, Martin Monsalvo <monsalvo@gmail.com> написал(а):

A Ukrainian, not pro-russian, can use his valid Ukrainian callsign in
The referendum has no validity whatsoever.
It is like saying all CP inmigrants with a valid LU Id can vote in a
referendum to make Buenos Aires part of CP!
That is not how things  go.
El 18/10/2014 13:08, "Andy Melanin" <ua3dpx@mail.ru> escribió:

Martin, who told You that they were forced to sign Russian calls? They
decided to be Russian citizens themselves :-))

Отправлено с iPad

18 окт. 2014 г., в 8:09, Martin Monsalvo <monsalvo@gmail.com>
With all due respect and with all the appreciation I feel towards long
friends in both Russia and Ukraine.
Crimea is not part of Russia, despite the fact that it is being
annexed to it.
The international community as a whole has pronounced in favor of
Ukraine soverignity which certainly includes Crimea. Why should CQ
pronounce otherwise?
Accepting operations from Crimea with russian calls ipso facto does not
contribute to contesting nor to amateur radio at all. It would only be a
sign that our hobby doesn't care about International Law and the
Independence of Nations.
I feel for those Ukrainian stations in Crimea that are being forced to
russian callsigns, but this is way above contesting and  cannot be
acccepted, since it is the outcome of illegal actions that no one, but
Russia government endorses.

Vy 73,
Martin, LU5DX
El 17/10/2014 21:58, "Andy Kazantsev" <uu0jm@bk.ru> escribió:

Hi, Edward.

Вы писали 18 октября 2014 г., 0:39:53:

Andy, Personally, I am sorry for your situation.  And sorry that you
harmed right now.  Is it not possible for you to operate using the
callsign?  I think that I would have worded the CQ announcement
but came to the same conclusion. I believe my statement would be that
follows the DXCC and WAE country rules and also requires that a
identify themselves with the DXCC/WAE country that they are in.  The
follows the US State Dept recognized county or territory list which I
to assume still calls that location Ukraine.  So if you signed from
I don't see there being a problem.  I am assuming that WAE has no
country status for Crimea.
I currently live in Russia. And shall comply with the laws of Russia.
According to these laws, I got a call UB7K  and worked in several
contests, including the CQ WW RTTY (4 place World, raw scores).
Also we work CQ WPX CW 2014(UA7K) and WAE CW and SSB 2014.
If I'm going to continue to work, only this callsign. It is my firm
I'm not asking for a separate territory of Crimea! Why mix radio with
This message sponsors CQ caused a storm of dissent among contesters in
Crimea. Many are ready for these competitions. And then a week before
we know that all of our training in vain.
It is very sad and does not honor the CQ magazine  and event
Nevertheless it I will work in this competition, because I compete
primarily with each other.
Last year, I set a record 16 zone and was going to beat this year it.

73! Andy UB7K
ex. UU0JM, UU7J , K1I (WRTC 2014)


Ed  N1UR
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