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Re: [RFI] Unknown Signal

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Unknown Signal
From: "Robert Moody" <b.moody@tillanet.com>
Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2003 17:14:50 -0800
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The 28.636 Mc. signal comes from video cards/circuits in computers & some
TV's.  Poke around  PC  boards and you'll find clock osc modules in
hermetically sealed rectangular cans, marked  28.636 Mc.  Others use14.318
Mc.  These oscillator modules make excellent QRP transmitters.  In fact they
form the heart of the "FIREBALL" QRP transmitter popular in the early
1990's.  They are designed for +5 volts input, but work FB with 6 volts DC.
Add a key & antenna and you have 40 mw. output.  "FIREBALLER'S" have worked
all states and many countries, and most have turned the power down to 20 mw.
to make it more sporting.

I was able to work all states at 2.1 milliwatts and of course still have the

I have no doubt that anywhere there are people and power, there will be a
28.636 Mc. birdie.

                                                    Bob Moody   K7IRK

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Subject: [RFI] Unknown Signal

> Hello,
> An aquantance of mine in New Orleans asked me about an strange signal at
> 28.635.5.
> At first I thought just another case of RF junk in his neighborhood but as
> tuned to that frequency I also heard the same carrier and I'm 50 miles
> New Orleans. From here it peaks northerly between 10 and 30 degrees.
> I also checked with a few others in the metro New Orleans area and they
> here is also.
> Has anyone else heard this signal and any idea's of it's origin?
> Thanks,
> Randy
> WX5L@charter.net
> Thibodaux, Louisiana
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