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Subject: [RFI] Computer Monitor RFI
From: Don Allen <w9cw@intergate.com>
Date: Sat, 08 May 2004 09:07:57 -0500
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doc wrote:

The Samsung Syncmaster 152N receives a weak review here:

The KDS RAD-5 gets a similar weak review here:

Anyone tested a higher quality LCD display that is also
RFI-quiet, please?

When I purchased the RAD-5 in the late 2001, it was one of the highest rated affordable 15" LCD's. Of course, these reviews were magazine-based, thus you may want to take the reviews with "a grain of salt." Nevertheless, I've been extremely pleased with the unit and it's been trouble-free since purchase.

It had no dead pixels (still doesn't have any), excellent color saturation, resolution, and perfect geometry. I always used Trinitron-based CRT monitors in the past, so I'm quite particular as to color rendition and depth.

Many monitor reviews appear to be based on how good they may be for gamers. I'm not a gamer, thus I can't comment on it for that application. But, for general ham use, including PSK, RTTY, logging, etc., it has been exemplary.

As to reviews, I also use them "to a point" when researching a prospective purchase. But, if I use reviews to totally base a purchase decision, I would have never purchased a Kenwood TS-520S in 1978. I must say, although the TS-520S is certainly not the highest-performing rig I've ever owned, it is most certainly the most overall pleasing rig I've ever owned over the long-term. Absolutely no problems since purchase in March 1978, and it's still working perfectly today.

Don W9CW
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