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Subject: Re: [RFI] BPL news today's WSJ
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Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 15:06:41 -0600
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A comment from a 6m op in Cedar Rapids, IA:

I have had the pleasure of working dozens of Texas hams on 6m during the
past 3 years whenever the band has opened to my south and southwest.  There
are plenty of 6m ops in TX, and although Texas has a fairly large
population, I have run across some grid squares in which I have worked both
of the known 6m ops in those squares.  So, let's not get too casual about a
30 to 50 MHz BPL system and its potential for mayhem on a significant band.
If the system can contain itself (meaning fast rolloff above 50.0 MHz),
maybe it won't be too bad.  But, let's also not forget those doing 6m EME
and other weak signal work near the bottom end of the band.

As for those unfortunate fire and police departments who still use low VHF,
don't forget there are also some low VHF business comms mixed in there, as
well.  Gee, doesn't interfering with those guys consitute a hazard to the

73, Dale

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"minimal RFI" presumes the following:

1.  They install everything according to spec.
2.  They maintain everything to spec.

So, in theory it is just 6M and above that is
subject to RFI ... unless there are additional
artifacts from the generation of their 30-50MHz

We shall see ... ;-)  doc

 > Rob Atkinson, K5UJ wrote:
> The Journal story said that in Texas, state regulatory laws have been
> enabling utilities to spin off companies that can attract investors and
> raise capital to finance ventures without using revenue from power
> customers.   Other states have not yet done this.
> Separately, on an eHam forum for this news item, Ed Hare wrote that this
> particular BPL deployment is designed to have minimal RFI with ham radio.

> It is the 30 to 50 MHz type, which the Journal did not mention, so may
> be the alarming thing that it first appeared to be.

A blessed CHRISTmas to all!
Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e

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