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Re: [RFI] RE HVAC issue - AC or DC Motor?

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Subject: Re: [RFI] RE HVAC issue - AC or DC Motor?
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Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 16:57:18 -0500
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Rheem is offering two different motors - does one sound
"safer" re RFI than the other?

The older ECM type appears to be AC whereas the newer X13
appears to be brushless-DC.

See: http://www.gotoevo.com/GEMotors.htm

Rheem RHKL Variable Speed Air Handler

Includes an energy efficient GE® ECM® Motor, which in most applications,
enhances the SEER rating of the outdoor unit.
It also slowly ramps its speed up for quiet operation and
enhanced customer satisfaction.

Rheem RHLL Air Handler

Features GE's new X-13 motor, which provides enhanced SEER
performance with most Rheem outdoor units.

The X13 motor is a permanent magnet, three phase, brushless
DC motor. A single phase drive is attached to the motor to
control it for air over direct drive indoor blower applications.

It is designed to operate in constant torque mode with up to
five discrete tap settings for OEM applications.

>Battles,Richard wrote:
> I just built a new house in the country to leave the RFI neighbors.
> I made sure that the new HVAC was RFI free.  i purchased a Reem super
> quite 80  heat pump with backup propane gas.  we installed ft-240-31
> cores on the control line to the themostat, the control line from the
> inside unit to the outside unit at both ends.  I am happly to report
> that i have no RFI from that unit that I can find at this time with
> the heat pump running.  Now the unit is a seer 13, with AC capacitor
> start motors on the air handler.  I had talked to Trane, and the
> Reem dealer and i was told i could go higher on the seer to 15 and
> still use AC motors on the air handler.  the neighbor that lives
> about 400 feet from me just installed a Carrier unit that also uses
> the AC motors and his is a seer 15, no RFI.
> Richard WB4BYQ


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