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Re: [RFI] HDTV: Plasma vs LCD

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Subject: Re: [RFI] HDTV: Plasma vs LCD
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Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2012 10:30:13 -0600
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Actually, an incident along the lines of what you say actually did happen to 
the FCC itself a number of years ago in the Chicago area.

Up until late 1999, I lived in the far NW Chicago suburbs and commuted to work 
in some of the closer-in suburbs.  Back in the mid-1980's, I happened to pass 
by an office building complex in Park Ridge, IL, as part of my daily commute 
and one day, I noticed a short tower had been erected on the roof of one 
building, around 3 or 4 stories high, as I recall.  Shortly afterward, a number 
of antennas, including a VHF/UHF log periodic, several discones, and a few VHF 
verticals were installed on that tower.  I thought it all to be interesting, 
but had no clue as to the owner/user of the tower and antennas.

The radio club to which I belonged at that time just happened to meet in Park 
Ridge.  One club meeting night, we had a speaker from the Chicago office of the 
FCC come and discuss various issues related to ham radio with the club.  That 
is when I learned that the FCC Chicago office had relocated from downtown 
Chicago to this office building in Park Ridge.  Disaster for them!

The FCC engineers had done an RFI study at the site prior to signing the lease. 
 The site seemed quiet enough for their purposes (the field office plus 
monitoring the local area VHF/UHF spectrum).  About 6 months elapsed from the 
time of the RFI study to the FCC actually moving in.  When they got the 
antennas all connected to the matching receivers, they got an earful, literally 
- all junk!

During that 6 month waiting time, a bank had opened for business in that same 
building.  The FCC engineers quickly found that the bank's Part 15 Class A 
devices were as horrible as any I've ever heard (while driving past banks and 
service stations).  The monitoring function of their new office site was laid 
to waste and they had to go find a new place to locate what would then become a 
remote monitoring site.  

So, while this was critical to FCC, it wasn't a national emergency.  However, 
they were done in by their own rules and regs.  I laughed for weeks over that 
one, until I realized that we taxpayers probably would be paying out even more 
money for the monitoring site, now that a separate location would be needed. 

Yes, the antennas and tower came down a few weeks afterward.  I never did learn 
where the new monitoring site was located.  

Dale Svetanoff, WA9ENA
Sr EMC Engineer
E-N-A Systems, LLC
Specializing in shielding applications, system grounding, and lightning 

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On 2012-12-26, at 10:36 AM, Dale Svetanoff wrote:

Thank you for reinforcing my point about the FCC's deplorable lack of guts
and common sense with emissions.  The situation for TV receivers, plus the
general lack of radiated emissions requirements testing below 26 MHz for
Part 15 devices, sure does raise havoc with HF communications. 

One has to wonder what the story would be if the US was to ever have a
licensed, active ham as an FCC Commissioner (not likely anytime soon - if
ever!) who gets clobbered by garbage emissions from Part 15 devices in
his/her home or from neighbors.  Oh well, worth a few chuckles.

Hi Dale,

Far nicer---and it would surely drive the message home better than anything 
else---would be if some critical government installation happened to be located 
next to a suburban build-up, and having all its associated communications / 
electronic handiwork / etc. being interfered with on a daily basis by the 
imported electronic junk & gizmo do-dads that have run amuck in our 
consumer-oriented "Wal-Marted" society...

Why should such "...garbage emissions" affect Ham radio alone...? The reality 
of the current deplorably neglected situation would VERY swiftly come down upon 
the collective heads of the FCC (and our own Industry Canada) if some idiot 
addicted to watching Oprah on his / her plasma TV was to suddenly compromise 
the activities of some federal branch of the public service...

But, as in all things these days, "...Money talks & B.S. walks"---and the 
authorities that are empowered to protect us all have seemingly (and sadly) 
elected to "walk" away from their mandate & responsibility...

~73~ de Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ
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