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Re: [RTTY] Re: WTB: PK232

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Subject: Re: [RTTY] Re: WTB: PK232
From: Reid Hill <kc5ykx@swbell.net>
Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 11:56:21 -0700 (PDT)
List-post: <mailto:rtty@contesting.com>
--- Kok Chen <chen@mac.com> wrote:
> On May 30, 2004, at 10:01 AM, Richard Kriss wrote:
> > Some of the sound card software packages
> > have neat bells and whistles but for solid RTTY
> copy I find the PK-232 
> > hard
> > to beat.
> >> From: Bill Turner <wrt@dslextreme.com>
> >> Bob, I know you didn't ask this, but for the
> price of a PK-232 you 
> >> could
> >> purchase WriteLog and use MMTTY (free) on your
> soundcard and have a
> >> better system.  MMTTY copies weak signals better
> than the PK-232, is
> >> more configurable and WriteLog is the premier
> RTTY contesting 
> >> software.
> I side with Bill on this one.
> At some point, perhaps not too long from now, I am
> hoping to convince 
> Dick that software modems can beat analog ones :-).

And while your at Chen see if you can convince him
that PCs are better than Macs for ham radio. :-)
Neither one will probablly happen.

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