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Re: [RTTY] Have RTTY ops become SSB ops?

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Subject: Re: [RTTY] Have RTTY ops become SSB ops?
From: Jerry Pixton <jpixton@shentel.net>
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2006 13:50:08 +0000
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Excellent point. I know that every one on this list knows this.

I have developed a pattern over the years, especially since my call sign
is long and when I have to tack a "/4" on it just get worse.

I like to make one x3 call (de w6ihg w6ihg w6ihg) after the DX turns it 
over. If no response, then I
hit a quick x1 call (w6ihg) and keep repeating that with at least equal 
listening time to
see what the DX is doing. That way, at most, I usually hear the last part 
of the DX transmission and know to listen to see who he is calling. Makes 
it almost like break-in cw.

Jerry, W6IHG

At 01:00 PM 12/15/2006 -0500, Dave Barr wrote:
>Besides rude and poor operating practices and mistakes, there is another
>factor that contributes to the incessant calling problem.  If we, the
>callers, send our call enough times that the length of our transmission
>exceeds the length of the DX's transmission, we can miss the DX's call
>to the station  he's trying to work.  Thinking the DX has not responded,
>we call again, and again....   This problem is alleviated somewhat by
>the DX station adding the call of the station he's attempting to work at
>the end of his transmission, but really long callers can miss the DX's
>entire transmission.
>The DX:        AA5AU  DE P5ABC 599 599 AA5AU K
>US:             DE K2YG K2YG K2YG K2YG K2YG K2YG K
>Dave K2YG
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