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Re: [SD-User] SD V19.22 Released

To: Paul O'Kane <>, "" <>
Subject: Re: [SD-User] SD V19.22 Released
From: Alister Watt <>
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2017 19:58:27 +0000
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Hi Paul,
Has anything changed on the CW port software since V18.21? The last versions I 
have tried, V19.21b and V19.22 do not reliably detect my Winkeyer clone. It 
beeps as if the power or a reset command is sent on initialise, and SD doesn't 
print Winkey V23 detected.
I have tried using V18.21's SD.INI file and an ini file from Bryn without 

From: SD-User <> on behalf of Paul O'Kane 
Sent: 02 December 2017 00:41
Subject: [SD-User] SD V19.22 Released

V19.22  1 December 2017

Check Partial and Super Check Partial (SCP) Window:
   At times, and more frequently as QSO totals increased,
   the SCP Window did not indicate that the call, or partial
   call, on the logging line had already been worked. Fixed.

   Dupe checking was not affected, but it helps to know
   immediately if the call you're typing has the potential
   to be a dupe.

   When SCP is in effect, and there are many matches (for
   example, DL), the display reverts temporarily to Check
   Partial - showing matches from the log only.

   The default is for SCP to be enabled.  Use the SCP
   command to toggle it.

EXPAND Command:
   If you're serious about using Check Partial or SCP as an
   operating aid, it is more efficient to have the partial
   calls listed close to (underneath) the Callsign field on
   the logging line rather than in the Score Window.  This
   way, head or eye movement is minimised.

   In the Getting Started section of SD's manual, the standard
   settings for SD's Windows Size is Width 82, and Height 27.
   With EXPAND enabled, the Height should be set to 36, and
   the Font Size reduced to make SD's expanded window fit your

   If you haven't a clue about what all this means, try the
   EXPAND command to see for yourself - and read "Getting
   Started" in the manual.

FT991 Rig Control:
   Fixed:  Thanks GM4ZUK & G3WYW.

RSGB 1.8MHz Contest.
   Fixed cosmetic display errors with pre-filled district
   codes. District Codes are now pre-filled for UK stations
   only. Pre-fills occur on a callsign match with a record
   in .LST files loaded with the LOAD command.  Any such
   pre-filled code is cleared as characters are added to
   the call, or the call is edited, such that there is no
   longer a matching call in the .LST files.

   ps - it seems to have worked - see the non-UK Unassisted
   results at<>
 1.8MHz Contest&year=2017

V19.22 is available from<>

If you find bugs, send the details to
and send me your .ALL file.

Previous versions of SD are no longer supported, so please
confirm that any problem still exists in V19.22.

A reminder that SDX is a free DXpedition or Special-Event
logger for SSB and CW on the 10 bands from 160-6m.<>

Paul EI5DI

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