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[TenTec] I.C.E. BCB Filter does the trick

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Subject: [TenTec] I.C.E. BCB Filter does the trick
From: benk8dit@serv.net (Ben Kadish K8DIT)
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 22:47:36 -0800
I have had my Jupiter for a bit over 3 months. When on the lower bands
160-40 with wire antennas, I would experience what I learned was overload of
the front end and subsequent mixers in the receiver. To describe it in other
terms, the receiver was blotto, no sensitivity, motorboating, and endless
birdies. Depending on the antenna, the overload was worse. The Random Wire
was by far the worst, the Carolina Windom bad, the 5 band quad was quiet. If
I listened to 40 meters with the Quad I could hear with it. Later in the day
I could receive 40 lots better with the windom. Why? The local broadcast
stations lowered power at sunset. I could also hear OK if I used the attn
button. I called Ten Tec and discussed the problem with them. They had a
mod, replacing 2 dual diodes on the 160 meter high pass filter on the RF
board. This relieved allot of the overload. Not all. With this mod I could
use the windom on 80-10 without a minimum of problems. But the Random wire
was blotto on all bands.
On Paul's suggestion I called I.C.E. and they recommended the 402x BCB high
pass filter, $37.00+ shipping. I got it today and put it in behind the
Jupiter and no more blotto anywhere.
So if you experience poor receive results anywhere, suspect the local
Transmitters, BC or otherwise. There are bandpass filters available for any
and all scenarios.

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