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[TenTec] Ten-Tec Model 200 VFO FS

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Subject: [TenTec] Ten-Tec Model 200 VFO FS
From: winjones@ix.netcom.com (Winston F. Jones)
Date: Thu Mar 27 22:16:37 2003
I'm answering off the reflector, so as not to mess up any offers you may

The 200 VFO is rare and you can probably get up to $200 for it. There's a
ham in Laurens, SC who has the matching TX-100 and would love to get hold of
that VFO. Would probably pay a lot for it. His name is Glenn and his call is
WA4AOS. His e-mail address is wa4aos@aol.com.

Hope this helps.

73, Winston  K4CWQ

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From: "Chuck Chandler" <chchandler@adelphia.net>
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Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2003 16:55 PM
Subject: [TenTec] Ten-Tec Model 200 VFO FS

> I have a Model 200 VFO for sale, anyone interested please drop me a line.
> had no idea this was valuable.  I got it when I bought my first rig in
> a crystal-controlled Eico.  The ham who sold it to me threw in the VFO.  I
> used it a few times, made a few shaky, nervous 15M QSO's.  It stayed in my
> parent's basement when I moved out.  No floods, clean and dry!  AFAIK, it
> was working then.
> Last week I was helping my Dad fix a sticky key on his 2 meter rig and he
> mentioned I had left a few items of ham equipment behind twenty some-odd
> years ago.  I brought the VFO home thinking I might be able to use it for
> something.  I did a Google search to see if I could find a manual and came
> cross a reference to this being rare and valuable.
> Well, I took the cover off to see what it looked like inside.  Everything
> looks fine to the naked eye.  The cord that turns the dial (not the
> was held under tension by an elastic band (guessing THAT wasn't factory
> spec!) and the elastic band has melted away and is gunked up on a chassis
> bolt.  The cord looks OK though.  The Pointer cord works, although it
> doesn't go all the way in either direction.  Maybe a total of 75% of the
> entire band?  That one has a spring to maintain tension.
> The main tuning knob is different from the one in a picture on line.  Mine
> has no spinner, and has a circle of felt fabric behind it.  Probably a
> There are a few scratches on the case, but nothing huge.
> I have NOT yet powered it up.  I have a DVM that measures frequency to 10
> MHz, might try to see if it puts out a signal.
> If anyone is interested, I can email pix.
> I'd like to see this go to someone who can put it to good use, maybe in a
> Ten-Tec station.
> 73 de Chuck, WS1L
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