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Subject: RE: [TenTec] Jupiter vs 746 PRO
From: "David W LeJeune, Sr" <lejeuned@centurytel.net>
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Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 19:12:43 -0600
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I bought the Jupiter because I wanted to experiment with a radio that
allowed me to practice my trade (hack software).  It filled the bill.  Love
it.  And honestly, there are very very few times when the OMNI VI+ receiver
beats out the Jupiter.  On SSB, I like the ability to tailor the transmitter
passband.  The only negative is that on SSB and digital modes using AFSK the
Jupiter seems to be just a bit more sensitive to RF feedback problems than
the OMNI VI+.  Aside from that, it's hard to beat the Jupiter with the N4PY
software.  I rarely use the Jupiter front panel, although I like the fact
that it's there if I don't happen to have the computer available.

Software wise, I wrote a small interface program that along with a great
client/server setup call audiolink, allows me to operate my Jupiter remotely
over my wireless LAN - i.e. I can rare back in my recliner in the living
room with the laptop and operate the Jupiter in the ham shack.  That
recliner could also be in a motel in Florida!.   I could probably have done
this with the OMNI VI+, but it was more fun with the Jupiter.


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Hello, Dave:

Re your comment on the T-T reflector, how do your OMNI VI and the Jupiter
stack up? I have an OMNI VI, which is as you know a very good all-around CW
rig.  Does the Jupiter add value?

John, W3ULS

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