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Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 14:05:37 -0500
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Eric, If I am reading you properly, you are having a big problem with RF. The RF you are experiencing may not only be getting into the transmit audio, but I think it is possible that it could also be getting into the brains of the Orion (processors) and causing you to have software problems....think the best thing to do is to figure a way to get rid of the RF and then see if things improve for you.

Proper filtering in the audio curcuit might be called for in your situation , but check the proximity of your antennas to the operating position. A field strength meter could give you an idea of RF in the shack. Clean the RF up and you will have better luck.! Talk with Ten - Tec or their reps and see what they suggest you do.

Toby W4CAK

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Subject: [TenTec] Orion

Each and everyday, I'm still wondering why I bought this transceiver. :-)

"Keep up the pressure man, one day (?) It'll be okay ! :-)"

I've read all the "minor" bugs reported by everyone for months and months...

All the minor glitches put together makes a really unstable radio for all of
us ! There is not one single day without a thing appears with that
transceiver, it is always a challenge for me to use the radio for hours
without anything strange happening.

For that price tag, I confirmed that I was thinking of a rock solid
transceiver, no way. Now I have to face a little problem, the Orion is so
bad facing a very small amount of RF feedback coming from the coax or a
ground loop. Everything was right here in the shack during 7 years (I owned
a bunch of radios to from the TS-50, IC-706 to the FT-1000MP), everything is
nearly new here, from antennas to coax cables, devices, tuner, power supply,
microphone, the Orion of course... and it seems impossible for me to work on
the air because of that microphone that put the Orion into transmit mode
with a huge buzz !

I wonder what it will be the day I'll put an (propagation enhancer - HI)
amplifier here... I can't imagine the fun it will be ! ;-) But some said
that it's part of the hobby, I agree, but sometimes, it's good to talk to
someone on the air too and then forget about the radio you're using... maybe
I'm a dreamer.

No one can put this thing out of my mind : Is the Orion worth so much
efforts each and every day ?

Even today I was talking with an OM with it's TS-440S and his 120 ft
longwire in the garden, he was 59+ with excellent audio... do you think this
guy is frustrated with it's small pistol station ! Not at all, I said :
don't touch anything man, you're doing the job with your 440 and wire ! ;-)

Then my Orion said : DSP BG Fail 0
                    DSP BG Fail 1
                    DSP T/O

Just in the middle of the screen ! :-)

Anyway, I accept the Orion as is ! As it's my choice but it is not so easy
to live with that in mind.

My $0.02


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