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Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 21:50:02 -0400
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"at one time"

I don't think that even lasted a week.  And the ARRL didn't reject it.  As I
remember from the QSL reflector at the time, the user base was up in arms
about it suddenly being implemented with no warning or discussion.  Of
course, blaming it all on the ARRL was a convenient scapegoat (isn't it
always?  whether it's true or not?)

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If you remember, E-QSL at one time had an electronic signature requirment.
This was to make the security such that the ARRL would accept their product.
The ARRL rejected it because they wanted their own.

Bill  KC4ATU

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>Hello Again,
>N4PY mentioned that his response rate might be fairly low because he has a
>lot of older QSOs posted.
>In my personal experience, I like E-QSL because I'm constantly amazed how I
>get a QSL from a CW contact the previous day right above one from 1992.  I
>rarely check into LOTW because my total seldom change.
>I still think the ARRL has missed the mark.  They ought to team up with
>E-QSL or somebody similar and design something more appealing and
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