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Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2013 18:23:04 -0700
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I agree with Richards: I have an RS-35A for each of my Orions. I can run them SO2R. the wiring is direct to each radio from the power supply with #10 wire (red/black). the SO2R box from Yankee Clipper runs off one RS-35A. I found that a RS-20 was NOT enuf for the Orion to operate consistently. The SO2R+ box from Yankee Clipper pulls very little power so it makes no difference I can see. it also has a power cable direct from RS-35A to SO2R box of #14 wire.


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Subject: Re: [TenTec] which power supply…station efficiency

Er... um... on the advice of Gary and Paul at TenTec, and from the
Brand-X Service Dept, I eliminated the power distribution panel, and
shortened all my power supply leads, and connect them directly to the
terminals on my RS-35M power supply.  I upgraded all transceiver power
leads to minimum 12 gauge wire, as short as possible.  My Brand-X radio
is kinda sensitive to any significant voltage or current sag when
running full blast, so I give it the best chance possible.  Various
sources indicate nominal 12 v PAs are typically sensitive to such sags.

There is no need to have a separate power supply for each rig, if you
pay attention and run them all at once.  Consequently, I employ one
RS-35M dedicated solely to powering one transceiver at a ztime, and
another RS-35M to powering various accessories.   I cannot quantify it
with meter measurements, but I believe it all runs better that way.

I also have ferrite beads on the power leads, but I am with you - I
cannot say they are doing anything in particular, but remain in place
just in case.

I believe (ideally) every extra patch cable, connector, etc., in line
causes an ever so slight impedance and voltage or current or whatever
"speed-bump," so I have become a "Minimalist" and have tried to
eliminate as many such speed-bumps as possible.

Oh, sure, I know neither the contact operator nor I will notice a mere
.25 dB drop in signal strength, but it is the principle of the thing.  I
also believe it is cumulative - as in the famous quote by Sen Dirkson,
possibly made in a different context...:  "A dB here, a dB there; pretty
soon it adds up to real power loss."   Er... um... I think it is how it

So, if I were looking to maximize station efficiency, I would eliminate
the power distribution strip.  That was the absolute very first thing
Master Technician Paul C asked when my Jupiter acted funny.  It is also
the first question I received from the Brand-X Service Dept, on a
related question, but regarding a different rig.

That is just MY take, of course... you mileage may vary.

========================= K8JHR ==============================

On 12/13/2013 11:40 AM, denton sprague wrote:
Ok..got some nice replays on all of this..
Currently have one of my Astron 35M's feeding either the Omni 7 or the Eagle from a power strip….this should do until I have done more research on a more efficient power supply situation. I would prefer to have separate power supplies for each of the hf rigs just to get some isolation between them rf wise….has this been a problem with anyone else? Have been using clamp on ferrite chokes on the dc line from the strip to the rigs but can't tell if they are really doing anything.


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