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Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2008 13:18:12 -0800
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On Dec 30, 2008, at 6:50 AM, wrote:

Try LAX on the top band. Wasn't so bad when Earl K6SE was still alive  
and active, but not so "easy" any more...

I AM a small city lot in LAX!

1/6 acre, on the Los Angeles Westside. Almost as far SW in the lower  
48 as you can get. Tough polar path to EU.

Shunt fed tower, no radials. RX coax and diamond loops on the roof. No  
yard area for even K9AYs. QRO. Goal was to make 160m DXCC and declare  
victory. Took 5 years. Now, after 9 years on Top Band in earnest, 155  
worked, 26 CCs in EU. 32 Zones. I use to think 80m was tough from here.

There are several others on small city lots here in LAX,

It can be done!

73 - Steve WB6RSE
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