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Re: Topband: Web SDR's and 'Cheating'

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Subject: Re: Topband: Web SDR's and 'Cheating'
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Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2011 18:55:52 -0500
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So does that mean the guy in his Brooklyn hi rise without any gear can 
operate X number of stations in the US in say the 160M contest and likely 
win? There is no rule I see about not moving the 500m entity X times just as 
their is no rule about a cross country trucker operating and submitting a 


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Subject: Re: Topband: Web SDR's and 'Cheating'

> Your SDR was effectively a "remote receiver" used by the DX station. 
> Credit
> for contacts made utilizing remote receivers depends on the rules 
> governing
> specific awards and contests. Here's the relevant rule governing DXCC
> credit:
> 9. All stations must be contacted from the same DXCC entity. The location 
> of
> any station shall be defined as the location of the transmitter. For the
> purposes of this award, remote operating points must be located within the
> same DXCC entity as the transmitter and receiver.
> As you can see, this isn't completely clear. In the first part of the
> sentence, "remote operating points" is not defined. Does that include only
> the transmitter, as defined in the second sentence, or both the 
> transmitter
> and receiver, as suggested by the second part of the third sentence? In
> fact, the second part of the third sentence appears to contradict the 
> second
> sentence! My guess is that they want the transmitter and receiver to be
> located in the same DXCC entity, but this is not stated explicitly.
> Fortunately, the situation is much clearer for ARRL contests, and for most
> CQ contests: remote receivers are not allowed. Period. (Well, except for 
> the
> Extreme category in CQ WW.) For ARRL, the definition of a remote receiver
> rests on General Rule 5.3, which states that all transmitters, receivers 
> and
> antennas must be within a 500m circle. Since the 160m contact made by the 
> DX
> station utilized a transmitter in his location and a remote receiver (your
> SDR and antenna) located more than 500m from the transmitter, it would not
> be eligible for credit in any ARRL contest and in most CQ contests and
> categories.
> However, note that the ARRL rules on remote receivers do not preclude the
> operator from being outside the circle. So, you can remotely operate a
> station that's anywhere else in the world. The location of the transmitter
> and receiver (which must be within the same 500m circle) defines where the
> station is located, not the op's location. So, if you operate a 
> transmitter
> and receiver located within the same 500m circle in Ghana, and you are
> sitting comfortably in your easy chair in Brooklyn, NY, running the 
> station
> over the Internet, the contact is perfectly legal for ARRL contests and
> counts as having been made from Ghana.
> Hope this clarifies the issue, at least a little.
> 73, Dick WC1M
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> Subject: Re: Topband: Web SDR's and 'Cheating'
> As a Software Radio Developer and chair of the ARRL Software Defined Radio
> and Digital Communications technical committee, as a DXCC recipient,
> contester, and as a ham radio operator period, I abhor this misuse of the
> technology.  Boo Hiss indeed.
> Bob
> N4HY
> On Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 9:17 AM, Tree <> wrote:
>> On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 07:21:26PM -0800, Bob Kupps wrote:
>> > What is the ethical position on this, it sure seems wrong to me
>> What country are the people really "working" with their radio?
>> There is not a two way exchange of information with someone in a
>> single country - therefore - no QSO.  The DX station is making
>> these QSOs not count.  If caught - they will not be accepted for
>> DXCC.
>> Next step - put the transmitter there too and make it even easier!!
>> Boo hiss!!
>> Tree N6TR
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