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Topband: HVDC

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Subject: Topband: HVDC
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Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2015 11:36:01 -0500
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From: "Tom W8JI" <>
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> Through the center part of Illinois they have begun work at the government

> level to install a 690,000 VDC power line As with all this there is huge 
> amount of opposition an even groups trying to ban it
> Does anyone have any experience with a line of such high VDC as a noise 
> source ? It will pass within 3/4 of a mile south of my QTH
> I am really concerned my only hope if this goes thru is to pull up stakes 
> an move rather than attempt to fight its noise
> Any thoughts

I think people are being silly.

Not only has there never been any evidence (beyond some fraudulent thing 
that created hysteria) that power lines ever cause health problems,  a dc 
line has much less radiation.

As far as Ham radio, a dc is far less problematic for noise.  690 kV dc is 
like 487 kV ac, except the line doesn't have the charging and discharging 
issues that generate a lot of noise in bad connections.

The only possible issues would be noise at the dc-to-ac converters, but they

might be miles from you.

I wouldn't worry, and I would not support those who worry about other issues

like safety or health.

73 Tom

>Tom is referring to a book published in 1976 by Paul Brodeur titled "The
Zapping of America." 
>The subject was bio-effects of AC powerlines. He also wrote several
articles for the New Yorker
>which is a well known "scientific journal."
>Most of the objections are from environmental issues. We have the "Northern
Pass" project in NH that is driving the Sierra Club
>and many others nuts over despoiling the natural beauty of NH. 
>Craig K1QX 

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