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Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 07:37:22 EDT
Tom,  I'm not sure what kind of bees they are, but I've got loads of all
different kinds around this QTH ----- hornets, yellowjackets, carpenter bees,
wasps, etc.

I've always been told early morning when it's cool(er), before it gets warm &
they get active, is a good time to do them in.  Even the directions on the
wasp spray cans recommend early morning as a good time to use their product.
In fact, I always do my nest demolition / spray 'em around 630 or 700 AM
........ worth a try.  I try to do yard work real early too before they get
going good.

I know this sounds like a home remedy, but my sister tells me a watery paste
made with Adolf's meat tenderizer (any flavor, I suppose) and applied to the
site of the sting brings the swelling down FB.  Mind you, I haven't tried it
yet, as I give those suckers a wide berth -------- bees & I don't get along
famously, so I avoid contact as best I can.

Hope that helps a 'lil bit .........

73 --------- Bob   K4UVT / ZF2RF

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