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Subject: [TowerTalk] BEE STINGS
From: (Douglas Bradford)
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 12:31:57 -0500
Tom,  If they were what I call a greenish yellow,
 you were introduced to what we call the
"Super Jacket".  Same size as Yellow Jacket but
the sting is 10 times more painful. I don't remember
seeing them as a kid but they are common now. They
nest in the ground amd The way I get them is Sevin
Dust. Most of the time u get stung before you know
they are there. In the 30 plus years I lived here I've
rot rid of quite a few. I get up early in morning anyway.
I note before where they are going and located the
Entrance(and they have several)Sprinkle the holes
with Sevin Dust and that is the last you will ever see
of them. (The old Gasoline trick does not faze these buggers)  Worse than
that, How about Bumble Bee's.
They just lap up all spray, does not faze them at all.
Find the Entrance and It will get them.  I found them
going in a wall of my House as I was going up the
Tower one day. I had never seen them before that.

I stopped and got the Sevein ready for next morning
and covered the Entrance with Sevin Dust.  The only
thing I ever found that gets them

To keep from getting stung :  LUCK   they will attack
from 20 to 30 feet from their tunnels.

Tobacco, Adolf's and all the other tricks do not help
much when these rescals sting. It takes about 24 hours
for it to stop Hurting. Wet Tobacco helps best but not
much, 24 hours helps. It hurts worse than all the others
put together. Hence the name " Super Jacket"

73  Brad  KZ5Q
Long  Live  CW
Preferred  Mode

T A RUSSELL wrote:

> I have been stung by ground bees (or sweat bees) in the past
> and while not pleasant, the pain and swelling were no where
> near as intense as these stings.  The bees were skinny and
> about 1/2 inch long.  Could these be the dreaded African
> Killer Bees?   Do they live in the ground?  Any suggestions
> on relieving the intense pain?  How does one get rid of
> these pests?  This happened just before sunset.   Besides
> night time, when are they LEAST active?  My hunch is that
> these are not the same old garden variety ground bees
> that succumb to a funnel and some "lawn mower juice".
> while cutting the rest of the lawn?  I never saw these
> suckers and I was looking!
> de  Tom  N4KG

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