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[TowerTalk] BEE STINGS (Getting the buggers)

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Subject: [TowerTalk] BEE STINGS (Getting the buggers)
From: (Gareth Crispell)
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 12:28:19 -0400
Guy L. Olinger wrote:
> Hi,
> > Walk over the yard looking for a hole, about the size of a half
> > dollar.  That will most likely be a nest. Avoid it or destroy
> > it the best you can.
> My wife doesn't really like poisons being used around the house, which
> keeps up a search for alternative means. The one I like best for wasps,
> etc:
> I have an old electrolux that I keep around, almost everything on it is
> broke, but it still sucks air. I put a new bag in it, and attach the
> hose to several 10' lengths of alumnium 1 1/2 inch tubing and run the
> end up to the entrance to the nest. Turn on the vacuum and let it run.
> The presence of the noisey thing right at the nest entrance gets the
> buggers really peeved. As they zero in for the sting they get sucked in.
> Probably moving 50 mph when they whang the back of the bag chamber in
> the electrolux. Just like hitting a windshield.
> Every time a wasp is sucked up, it makes a distinctive "thwung" which
> you can hear from some distance. It's kinda like doing popcorn in the
> microwave...when you haven't heard a pop in some's done.
> At that point, *without turning off the suction*, remove the hose and
> spray your usual bug-zapper into the opening. Leave it running for a
> while. Then remove the bag and dispose. Poison goes with it, not in the
> ground. Once the bag weighed 3 pounds.
> Referencing some of the other posts, in this method it's best to get
> them when they are *most* active. Remember the ones that are out
> foraging. They may take an hour or two to get back. Another advantage:
> the meanest ones come out first.
> May you never be stung (especially by the super wasp).
> 73, Guy.

Boy   This story really sucks!  (sorry gentlemen - I could not
control my fingers) 

de .... N1MSV

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