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[TowerTalk] BEE STINGS

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Subject: [TowerTalk] BEE STINGS
From: (Paul McInnish - K4BET)
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 08:31:18 -0400
Killer bees do not live in the ground...

If the one that got you were dark in color... then they were of a variety
of the  Hornet family and believe me, as you now know, ANY hornet sting
is painful & can be severe with some folks.

The medical profession will reccomend products that contain ammonia to
reduce pain & swelling.  I use a cotton ball soaked with common household
ammonia and it works quite well.

Before I quit smoking, a remedy that my dad & granddad (both SK's) had
given me and also worked... take tobacco (any product) and chew it to a
fine wet paste and apply to the sting... also removes the pain &

73 & sorry 'bout the stings!
Paul - K4BET

T A RUSSELL wrote:

> I was cutting the grass in my front yard (which has one TOWER :-)
> when I received an intense sting just above my left elbow.  When
> I came in the house and patted down my pants, two bees fell out
> of the bottoms and another one or two stung me just above the
> knee.  I was stung on the finger and between my thunb joints.
> I have been stung by ground bees (or sweat bees) in the past
> and while not pleasant, the pain and swelling were no where
> near as intense as these stings.  The bees were skinny and
> about 1/2 inch long.  Could these be the dreaded African
> Killer Bees?   Do they live in the ground?  Any suggestions
> on relieving the intense pain?  How does one get rid of
> these pests?  This happened just before sunset.   Besides
> night time, when are they LEAST active?  My hunch is that
> these are not the same old garden variety ground bees
> that succumb to a funnel and some "lawn mower juice".
> while cutting the rest of the lawn?  I never saw these
> suckers and I was looking!
> de  Tom  N4KG
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