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Subject: [TowerTalk] Equipment grounding - in shack
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Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 01:03:19 EST
Hi all,
Just finishing up my first station install. Have a "single point ground 
plate/bar" wall mounted just above and behind the operating position. Desk is 
an old computer/printer stand made out of metal - surface, sides, legs, back, 
etc., with 2ftX4ft surface. Figured on grounding it too. Opr position is in 

Had always read that everything should be grounded to this single point. 
Looking at my RCS-4 coax switch, MFJ P/S, and Ham rotor controller I don't 
see any "Gnd" connection points provided - yet their diagrams show "earth 
ground" symbols. What is the drill here? Just remove a screw from the covers 
and insert a full ring connector for a ground wire to then be run/attached? 

Ground array "outside" is cross-connected to all others present (like power 
service and tower, etc.) except the Telco, per some advice from their 
engineers. Used #4 solid Cu for short lead to single point plate, bolted 
solid now. All mech type connections in the system - no solder.

Thanks in advance, 73's
KD7DCR - Mel

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