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[TowerTalk] Everything Works QST Article by N6BT

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Everything Works QST Article by N6BT
From: (Hisashi T Fujinaka)
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 23:58:51 -0800 (PST)
On Thu, 31 Jan 2002, Mike wrote:

> Several longtime hams (all of them EEs) who I know, all came away with
> same impression that this article, although both very interesting and
> very entertaining, was borderline advertising for Force 12. I had the
> same reaction. I thought the article was generally interesting and
> informative. I really enjoyed the story about the curtain array on
> Saipan, and Tom's WAC exploits with the "illuminator". BUT I did come
> away with the impression that the relative positions of the
> multi-monoband yagis (Force 12???) versus the trapped triband yagis (the
> competition???) were a bit contrived. Although I surely couldn't prove
> it, this part of the article smelled like a sell job to me.

Heh. I am a short-time ham (25Y) and an EE and I just envied the author
for having a quiet location where the lightbulb antenna could "shine."
(I'm going to get it for that one. :) ) I live in the city, near an
industrial area, I have S7-S9 noise on 20M at night. The noise floor is
fairly high during the day, too.

I've worked plenty of DX with my inverted vee to know that people do
wonders with poor antennas. Heck, people get away with microwatt
transmitter signals at times. (Not me, I've been told that, "Life's too
short for QRP." :) Those guys think my 100W is QRP, though.)

I just wish I could be somewhere with a low noise floor and enough space
to put up that light-bulb array. Or something bigger than just a vertical
and a 10M quad.

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