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[TowerTalk] Everything Works QST Article by N6BT

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Everything Works QST Article by N6BT
From: (John/K4WJ)
Date: Sun, 03 Feb 2002 19:22:15 -0500
At 10:39 AM 2/1/02 -0800, J. Edward \(Ed\) Muns wrote:

>A "multi-monoband yagi" is simply a structure with more than one monoband
>yagi on a single boom.  It is "monoband" because each element is resonant
>only on a single band.  It is "multi-" because there are 2 or more sets of 2
>or more monoband elements on the same physical boom.  And, yes, the various
>elements are often, but don't have to be, "interlaced".  This is distinct
>from a multi-band antenna that deploys multi-band elements.  The words work
>for me, but I'm certainly not a language expert.

This is like saying that my two element five band quad is a multi-mono band 
quad because it has separate feeds for each driven loop. Me thinks someone 
is trying to change definitions on us.

It appears to me that this thing they call a "multi-mono band yagi" is 
nothing more than a multi band yagi with separate feeds for each driven 
element. There is nothing mono band about the antenna since more than one 
driven element exists on the boom. Hmmm! "A multi band yagi with individual 
feeds for each band." I guess some marketing guy tried to reduce the number 
of words so he came up with the confusing "multi-mono band yagi". John/K4WJ
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