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[TowerTalk] Everything Works QST Article by N6BT

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Everything Works QST Article by N6BT
From: (John Tait)
Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 17:24:35 -0000
Please observe my tongue in cheek!!!

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Everything Works QST Article by N6BT

> It is not uncommon for terms to be developed to describe new devices or

I've no problem with that....!!!  My problem is with taking EXISTING the concept of   ONE (mono)   and  MORE than one
(multi)...Running them together to create yet
another OLD concept...i.e.  a CONTRADICTION..

   Also, neither the device, or the concept are new....People have been
putting more than one antenna on a single support structure (boom, frame,
spider etc) for a very long time...

> The term, "multi-monoband" was used to differentiate the designs from
> tribanders, which had the common link to traps.

 Hmm!  I can see the need to differentiate..but I think your choice
of  "multi-monoband" is unfortunate.

>The term, "interlaced" can apply to
> trapped antennas, as well as non-trapped, loops, or whatever, so it was
not used.


   BTW I have absolutely NO beef with Force 12 antennae..In fact I'm a long
time admirer
of both the design, and the quality of the product.

> Sorry - would never consider calling something a "square-circle."

 You already have...


    same difference.....


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> > WHAT in the name of the divine Dinny Flaherty is a  "multi-monoband
> > yagi"....??????
> >   WHY do people take such liberties with the  Greek, Latin and English
> > languages..??
> > Multi means MANY......and mono means ONE...!!!
> >   Make up your  minds guys...It's either a MULTI band antenna OR a MONO
> > antenna
> > It can NOT be both..
> >      It could however, be an "interlaced" yagi...which I suspect it is..
> > Who's going to be the first to produce a square circle I wonder..???
> >  73s
> >      de
> >         John EI7BA

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