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[TowerTalk] An unusual tuner

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Subject: [TowerTalk] An unusual tuner
From: "Mark Beckwith" <>
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2004 17:34:44 -0600
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> I felt vindicated when Jim said:
> >Considering that the broadcast industry
> >uses the tuner approach, it's  probably
> >a winner.
> Yay!  Here's a photo of a some tuners, 1 per band:

By the way, for all you tuner buffs out there, I just noticed that this
photo includes a rather remarkable tuner.  In the center of the photograph
(below the vertical Maglite flashlight) is a small one-quart paint can with
no label and some knobs, switches and UHF connectors on it.

This tuner is a gift from Paul Bittner, W0AIH, who, like me, terminates each
coax at the shack with a matching network.  Whereas I have a mix of
homebrews, antiques and modified Dentrons, Paul built all of his from
scratch and houses them in these little paint cans.  I have run the Alpha at
full output through Paul's little can there and it works great (20 Meters).

In this photo it is taking the day off.

Mark, N5OT


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