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[VHFcontesting] Use of dipoles for 6meter Ragchew & Contesting...

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Subject: [VHFcontesting] Use of dipoles for 6meter Ragchew & Contesting...
From: k8jwt@hotmail.com (Jacob Tennant)
Date: Thu Jun 19 16:44:02 2003
Good afternoon one and all...

Looking at installing a dipole at my RF-challenged home QTH for general 
bs'ing and general operation as I can get a dipole up to about 30' with 
little problem from neighbors or landlord compared to a beam/rotator setup.

So, looking for any advice as to dipoles you folks have used for 6meters, be 
it in standard form or other forms. Don't have a 6meter tuner, but do have 
access to a MFJ analyzer for tuning it.

Any certain types of baluns or no balun at all? Wire diameter? Flat or 
center high "V" or end high "V"? Sloper? What other band dipole work on 
6meter without a tuner, 15meter, 30meter???

Also was wondering from the WSJT ops. about how a dipole might or might not 
work for WSJT?

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