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[VHFcontesting] Use of dipoles for 6meter Ragchew & Contesting...

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Subject: [VHFcontesting] Use of dipoles for 6meter Ragchew & Contesting...
From: crawfish@surfmore.net (Crawfish)
Date: Thu Jun 19 16:44:02 2003
A 30 meter dipole or inverted Vee is 5 wavelengths long per leg on 6 metres,
likewise 40 metres is 7 wavelengths per leg on 6. In addition to outside, I
would put up a 6m loop in the attic. I use one that is 59 inches on a side,
fed with 1/4 wave times velocity factor of RG-59/U. It loads up fine into 50
ohm cable on into the house.
                                                    Joe W4AAB
> Looking at installing a dipole at my RF-challenged home QTH for general
> bs'ing and general operation as I can get a dipole up to about 30' with
> little problem from neighbors or landlord compared to a beam/rotator
> So, looking for any advice as to dipoles you folks have used for 6meters,
> it in standard form or other forms. Don't have a 6meter tuner, but do have
> access to a MFJ analyzer for tuning it.
> Any certain types of baluns or no balun at all? Wire diameter? Flat or
> center high "V" or end high "V"? Sloper? What other band dipole work on
> 6meter without a tuner, 15meter, 30meter???
> Also was wondering from the WSJT ops. about how a dipole might or might
> work for WSJT?
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