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Subject: [VHFcontesting] Digital modes
From: aa1yn@aa1yn.com (Lee Scott - AA1YN)
Date: Thu Jun 19 16:44:44 2003
>I also
>know (via e-mail, I have a link below) that according to Dan (N1ND of
>the ARRL) any digital mode that sends your location (lat/lon or grid) in
>its CQ is considered self spotting and is illegal. This makes JT44 and
>most other programs illegal. In my opinion Beacon net is illegal as well
>but that was ruled acceptable. I am still concerned about all this.


Neither JT44 nor WSJT puts the grid or lat/lon into the CQ message so is 
not self spotting unless you deliberately put the info into the CQ message. 
PSK31 is the same way also.

>Yes I have heard many non-ARRL authorities say that JT44 (for example)
>is ok. Others have said that Packet (AX25), the subset of Beacon net and
>APRS as well as a few other programs, is ok but the ARRL says they are
>not. The only digital mode (really a program which is a layer above the
>protocol), Beacon net, has been approved so far as far as I can see.
>ARRL E-Mail that Lat/Lon or grid is illegal: (Dec 2002)
>ARRL announces "New Concept in V/UHF Contesting" Beacon net(Feb 2003)
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