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[WriteLog] ALT K window does not display characters

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Subject: [WriteLog] ALT K window does not display characters
From: wa9als@starband.net (WA9ALS - John)
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 10:54:05 -0500
> Perhaps this will get the author to support those of us that  paid good
> money to fix this. Tough problems like this are poorly supported for a
> program than I paid good money for and just renewed with the hope that the
> BUG was gone. They do not even acknowledge my repots so how can they fix

Gil, Wayne has ALREADY acknowledged the problem on the reflector.  You don't
need a personal email about it.

> This is a horrible example of user support and I am now with a program
> is useless for CW and even at times RTTY. The window problems exists on
> also.

This is crazy, diarhea I think it was called awhile back.  Dozens of people
made thousands of CW Q's with WL in the Sweeps.  What's wrong with the RTTY
windows - NO problems with that that I'm aware of.

> I really hated to go public with this but I have sent private mail over
> over with no response so what else am I to do?

Take the hint?  Try Kaopectate.

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