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[WriteLog] ALT K window does not display characters

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Subject: [WriteLog] ALT K window does not display characters
From: n8bjq@erinet.com (Steve Bolia)
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 10:30:25 -0500
I used it in SS - Alt K worked fine 

LPT keying, Win98SE on a P266  WL 10.36G


> OK -- just tried it.
> Win 2k, Writelog 10.36G, W5XD keyer.
> Win 2k, Writelog 10.36G, comm. Port keying.
> ALT-K on CW works fine.  Both radios.  Displays all typed characters.
> Properly wraps at the end of the line.  Sends flawless code.
> Any problem report is essentially useless without your configuration.
> 73,
> Mike WA0SXV
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> Why is there no reply to this problem yet? Since the program coders 
> not
> , perhaps it is considered insignificant. Therefore, I would like 
> else that has this problem to report it too. Just set up for CW and 
> the
> Alt K window and see if you can read the characters that are to be 
> or
> if they are partially or fully hidden. If I am the only one with the
> problem
> I suppose I will have no choice but to live with it but if others 
> it
> too perhaps they will consider fixing it, or at least acknowledging my
> defect report!
> I made another test, using RTTY window on one of the machines I get a 
> line
> window for Alt K. The other machine gets only one line, even on RTTY 
> even though I uninstalled and reinstalled 10.35g. This does show the
> character but it is still a defect as why would it use a 2 line window
> yet
> when the entry gets to the end of the line it does not wrap to the 
> line
> but rather just keeps on going as though it were one line. I think it
> needs
> to be one line but show the entire character. Nevertheless, I could 
> with this if it would work on CW.
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