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[WriteLog] Recording a contest

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Subject: [WriteLog] Recording a contest
From: ik0hbn@libero.it (Sante - IK0HBN)
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 12:44:12 +0100
Thank you John!
The sounds it records is very distorted and undecipherable. I guess a RFI 
problem, but it happens even with power set almost at few watts or on a 
dummy load. May you suggest the audio transformer to insulate radio from 
PC? Any FT1kMP holder did try that before me??
Thank you again
Which sample rate I should choice? I'd like having saved also the vfo B so 
I guess something in STEREO mode...

At 06.25 21/11/2002 -0500, you wrote:
> > Is there any way to save even what I do transmit? For recording one VFO no
> > problem at all, but how to make my sidetone being recorded?
> > Thankfully
> > Sante, IK0HBN (MS with N1ND)
>For CW and SSB, using an IC-756PROII, my transmitted signals were recorded
>without any special settings of WL.  It must depend on whether monitor
>audio/sidetone is on the audio out line supplied to WriteLog.
>If you're getting receiver audio recorded in WriteLog, but not your
>transmitted signals, it seems it's an issue with rig design and/or setup?
>Im not sure how the "Mute SSB during transmit" affects other modes, but
>check that out.  GL - 73
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