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[WriteLog] WL in a M/M Station

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Subject: [WriteLog] WL in a M/M Station
From: marcelo@alternex.com.br (Marcelo)
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 22:32:39 -0200
Hi Gary,

Yes, that´s basically the idea.

So, we pick the computer that has no logging functions and name it "server".

When you connect a position to the network, you do a Setup > Link to network

A window opens and asks to which computer you want to link. Here we link 
all computers to the "server".

You could connect to any other computer in the network, and the log would 
be synched to that machine. By doing all connections to the 
"server"  machine we just make it more logical.

We had to restart the "server" during the contest a few times during the 
CQWW PH M/2, due to some modem problems with it.
Basically, we would disconnect it. Each computer would then continue to log 
on its own, no need to restart each position.

After restarting WL on the "server", each computer is then reconnected to 
the "server". As each computer connects, that log is synched to all others. 
You actually see the QSO´s scrolling in the log window. When all 
reconnections are done, all logs in the network are up to date.

Each computer keeps its own configuration file. We also had some confusion 
when we first read the k9jy pages. What is actually suggested there is that 
-before the contest - you create a log file with all parameters set and 
then copy it to each machine, to save the work of configuring each computer.


Marcelo, PY1KN

At 18:50 27/11/2002 -0500, Gary Ferdinand W2CS wrote:
>Looks like my original set of questions proved I was confused!  :-)
>I used the term "WL Server" in the same context as the documentation used
>it.  The documentation to which I refer is at www.k9jy.com under "multiop
>contesting" link in the left-hand list of links, followed by clicking on the
>link called "network writelog."  Now, to be sure, the term "server" is used
>rather loosely.  It is not what I would term a server, where all things are
>centralized.  I'm quite aware that WL implements a peer-to-peer network
>architecture.  So, let me call it a "server," using quotes to indicate that
>term is being loosely applied here.
>Some aspects of the "server" seem useful.  The ability to establish initial
>conditions which are then pulled into local WLs so that set up parameters at
>least start off the same.  Also, it appeared from the description - and here
>I might have gone astray - that when a position comes back online into the
>network and does a connect, it connects to this "server" which then resynchs
>it such that it is supplied with full aggregate log state. If there's no
>"server" as many of you answered, to what does the (re)starting computer
>connect to get it's data resynched?
>Many of you stated "no server."  I'm having trouble reconciling that answer
>with what I see on the web site.  In the context of the "server" described
>in the doc, if that "server" were to fail, it would seem important to
>restart it and have it once again perform its role of being the arbitrator
>of restarts elsewhere.  How does it get back up and running without loss of
>Clearly, I've confused something here.  Can you all help me climb out of the
>mental hole I've dug?
>73/Gary W2CS
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> > Subject: [WriteLog] WL in a M/M Station
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> > Dear WLers,
> >
> > I'm doing some investigation of various loggers that support a M/M
> > configuration.  I've only used WL in a limited way so far, single
> > op in SS,
> > and I'm very impressed.  But I've thoroughly perused the excellent
> > documentation available as it pertains to M/M operations and it
> > raises a few
> > questions.
> >
> > 1.  The existence of a WL server.  I presume this is a requirement when
> > running M/M?
> >
> > 2.  Recovery after restart.  I am intrigued and pleased by the WL design
> > that appears to (re)populate the local log when a position is (re)started.
> > I believe the implication of this is that every position sees all
> > QSOs/Mults
> > even if one or more positions had to be restarted during the
> > contest. True?
> >
> > 3.  Recovery of the WL server.  Can someone please fill me in on
> > how/if the
> > server can be restarted and recovered?  I did not see any details on this.
> > For example, if the server dies and needs to be restarted (let's say a
> > simple Windoze hang, no hardware breakage)... Meanwhile the positions
> > continue to be able to operate?  When the WL server is back up, does it
> > resynch with the local positions like they can resynch with it after they
> > die?  I'd appreciate a complete, clear explanation of this scenario.  If
> > I've missed it in the doc, just stick my nose in it ;-)
> >
> > 4.  When a local WL dies and gets restarted, does it come up with the band
> > map it had when it died, a clean band map, or a band map that has been
> > updated with the events that occurred on the other positions during its
> > restart?
> >
> > 5.  At any given local position can local rate and aggregate rate be
> > displayed? Or is it just one or the other?
> >
> > 6.  Can anyone relate operating a M/M or M/2 using WL to doing the same
> > thing with another logger such as TRLog or CT?
> >
> > 7.  Is the Ethernet any more/less susceptible to RFI than alternative such
> > as a serial port daisy chain?
> >
> > 8.  I see port choices of only COM1-4. My system has COM5 and COM6
> > configured. Can WL access these COM ports somehow?
> >
> > Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to all.
> >
> > 73,
> >
> > Gary W2CS
> > Apex, NC
> >
> >
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