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Re: [RFI] Solar Panel RFI Update From Tesla: 12/26/19

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Solar Panel RFI Update From Tesla: 12/26/19
From: "Cianciolo, Paul, W1VLF" <pcianciolo@arrl.org>
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2019 14:59:51 +0000
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I did have a discussion with Ashley Holmen of Tesla, however the testing  you 
mention is not quite correct.
I asked for a typical optimizer to do some testing with here at the lab, but 
she is not able to provide.
Randy KQ6RS mentioned that he can lend one of these optimizers to the lab for 

My direct question to Ashley concerning the optimizers was for her to contact 
the engineering staff at Tesla and provide an answer to the question, does an 
optimizer generate noise, if any, when the line tie inverter is turned off.
And what exactly is the nature of the noise. I have not heard back on that 
request yet.

I received a PowerPoint presentation concerning noise generated by a SolarEdge 
P320  from Randy KQ6RS that looks very detailed but I have not had time lately 
read it thoroughly.
Randy did his testing with the optimizer "off" IE not producing an output to 
the AC inverter.  
I need to talk to both you (Tony) and Randy about this issue, and I apologize 
things get very hectic around the holidays.

Things I think need to be clarified:

1) What exactly is the nature of the noise that Tony has? How strong is that 
noise ?  Does it coincide with noises  seen Randy's PPT presentation?
2) Does the PV system near Tony actually still use the P320 ? My understanding 
from SolarEdge is that the all the optimizers have been swapped out to the "new 
spread spectrum" In fact changed out 2 times.
3) Assuming the noise Tony is hearing is being generated by a SolarEdge 
optimizer (P320 or spread spectrum), and radiated by the associate wiring of 
the PV system, is that high enough level to cause the interference at the level 
that Tony is seeing.

I will try to contact both Tony and Randy this morning for discussion.
I am emailing SolarEdge for more details on which optimizer is actually 
installed in the PV system near Tony.


Paul Cianciolo, W1VLF
ARRL EMC Engineer

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225 Main Street, Newington, CT 06111-1400 USA 
Telephone: (860) 594-0392 
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I received an update from Tesla's Ashley Holmen today. She once again said that 
Tesla and SolarEdge agree that they are not liable for interference caused by 
their solar panel systems.

However, she said that she spoke with ARRL engineer Paul Cianciolo and she is 
now waiting for his tests to be completed so they can determine what needs to 
be done to resolve the issue.

With FCC regulations being what they are, the outcome seems to depend on how 
much weight harmful interference carries.

Mentioning liability at every turn is concerning, but I suspect Tesla will work 
with the ARRL to find a solution. We shall see.

Tony -K2MO

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