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[RFI] Solar Panel RFI Update From Tesla: 12/26/19

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Subject: [RFI] Solar Panel RFI Update From Tesla: 12/26/19
From: Tony <dxdx@optonline.net>
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2019 18:14:38 -0500
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I received an update from Tesla's Ashley Holmen today. She once again said that Tesla and SolarEdge agree that they are not liable for interference caused by their solar panel systems.

However, she said that she spoke with ARRL engineer Paul Cianciolo and she is now waiting for his tests to be completed so they can determine what needs to be done to resolve the issue.

With FCC regulations being what they are, the outcome seems to depend on how much weight harmful interference carries.

Mentioning liability at every turn is concerning, but I suspect Tesla will work with the ARRL to find a solution. We shall see.

Tony -K2MO

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