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Re: [RFI] Solar Panel RFI Update From Tesla: 12/26/19

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Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2019 16:06:44 +0000
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Jim's statement was perfectly clear in caps.  But I can't make heads or tails 
from the response.  

The previous statement's from Ed at ARRL Labs also indicate that solar vendors 
are initially working with hams to resolve new installation issues albeit at a 
very slow pace in some cases.  At this stage, the squeaky wheel will get the 
oil and hopefully a real resolution.  

It's the longer term problems in the future which I've already posted about 
that are the most worrisome issue post solar installation and years later.  Who 
pays for the solar RFI resolution then?  And will the FCC enforce Part 15 
harmful interference rules as those cases begin to appear in the future and 
under a pro-solar government/administration?  Or will HF ham radio slowly 
become a thing of the past?  

These are my long-term concerns.  

73, de ed -K0iL

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"They are not the OPERATOR, they are the MFR, and the Rules hold the OPERATOR 

I see now...

Talking to those that aren't responsible, and asking those that can't enforce, 
to talk to those obligated to nobody.

No wonder we can't get anything done any more!


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