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Re: [RFI] Update: Tesla's Response to Solar Panel RFI

Subject: Re: [RFI] Update: Tesla's Response to Solar Panel RFI
From: KD7JYK DM09 <kd7jyk@earthlink.net>
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2019 17:34:05 -0800
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"Seems like it should go to the lawyers. The verbiage I read here is lawyer stuff. I think it’s all in the hands of lawyers. NOT technicians. Anyway good luck with it."

Agreed. And, certainly not Joe-Blow Technician with his magic screwdriver, soldering iron, and (as often viewed by most others, "trucker radios") Going over everything posted regarding this so far, they could resolve all issues by the next production run, rather than a big company dealing with a bunch of whining radio hobbyists to whom they owe nothing, and even listening to, and modifying designs based upon, results in MASSIVE liability, and is just bad business practice. Then, as they have already been informed of prior issues, go back and fix those.

Let them get the "official word" from their lawyers, or someone else's, and shut down for a week to re-tool, and do things right, as they were required before they started business.

They know the regulations already, and based on their responses, are just hoping to get away with shoddy designs, poor workmanship, and grammar school drop-out installation quality to save a buck, delaying until everyone wanders off, accepting it as the new norm.


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